Marvel fans are already reimagining the MCU with Fantastic Four, X-Men characters

Following reports that Disney could acquire 21st Century Fox in a deal that could be announced soon, Marvel fans are already thinking ahead.

Video montages, photos and cute Tumblr posts have sprung up as Marvel Cinematic Universe diehards and Fox hopefuls begin to imagine a world in which Disney owns 20th Century Fox studios and therefore the rights to other Marvel properties. The Fantastic Four could move in with the Avengers and we’d finally be able to see Deadpool’s friendship with Spider-Man blossom on screen.

The utopian superhero world Marvel fans imagine is still not yet reality. Even if Disney and 21st Century Fox make a deal, It would still take ample time for crossovers between their Marvel series to get underway.

Think of the arrangement that gave Disney the right to use Spider-Man in their movies. It took more than two years for Spider-Man to move into the MCU for a feature-length picture (making a tinier debut in 2016 as part of Captain America: Civil War) and the same can be expected for this type of deal.

Alternatively, there’s a chance that Disney could decide to leave the X-Men, Deadpool and Fantastic Four franchises separate from any of its Marvel Studios projects. When Disney acquired Lucasfilm, it allowed the studio to continue making Star Wars movies independently, with Disney choosing to just profit from owning the franchise.

Those aspects of the deal haven’t deterred fans from Photoshopping what they imagine the future of superhero movies will look like.

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